Each new work is designed with a female audience as the design consideration, inheriting the strong power of The 1s Reimagined women's shoes, and at the same time firming a belief: the true classics are continued in continuous transcendence and reshaping.

"We all know that women can create infinite and diversified styles. They desire to be different, and hope to express themselves and show their clothes through sneakers. At the same time, they also love deeply and pay tribute to the classics."

Said Georgina James, Senior Creative Director of NikeWomen Footwear

"Air Force 1 Shadow is an excellent proof of how we meet women's expectations through silhouettes, shapes and rich details, and create new creations-we have some unique places in each season, but we also retain the familiar ones. design."

The AF1 Shadow shoe features "double Swoosh logo overlay", presenting a multi-level design in detail. This inspiration comes from: Women are becoming role models for transformative forces and their different communities. At the same time, with bold design techniques, these extraordinary and distinctive classic elements are reinterpreted, highlighting them in avant-garde and elegant way.

This concept also extends to functional design: a heightened midsole shoe style is designed with a sense of fashion and promotion, and the outsole design makes the core protrude outward, making the overall shoe lighter and more comfortable.