Nike Air Max 270 React "Plum Chalk" released the official picture. The gray suede material is composed of a neutral tone covering the upper, and pink embellishment is used on the side and air cushion.
NIKE AIR MAX 270 REACT women's fashion, which has been on the hot search rankings of sneakers since the beginning of last year, has launched many autumn and winter tones like the previous melted cream, Caramel soft cream and other autumn and winter tones, now released a super dreamy color "cream marshmallow" after cloud marshmallows, with fog pink, gray blue and beige, creating a new color that makes girls crazy!

Every time a new color is released, people want to buy the AIR MAX 270 REACT. It is a very special shoe in the NIKE AirMax series. The NIKE REACT technology is added to the design of the shoe, and the air max 270 react sneaker feels more comfortable. The thick air cushion sole achieves the perfect slimming effect!

The creamy marshmallow color introduced this time is also made of splicing color series. The simple and sweet color matching makes people fall in love at a glance! The pink of the shoes is a faint milky pink, which is a good entry style for girls who don't dare to try pink shoes! With socks in winter colors, the shoes will become the protagonist of the outfit! What's more surprising is that even the soles are made of matte color, and the material is also made of soft lambswool. Once you put it on, you feel like you are really stepping on cotton candy! From the color matching, you can also find many small details with care. For example, the gray blue with partial embellishment is applied to the front and back of the shoe body to echo each other. The dark lines drawn can also make the foot look more slender. If you have a foot version For wider troubles, consider this latest color scheme!