As the originator-level street brand and trendy sneaker shop, UNDEFEATED is also the "king of joint names" in the sneaker circle. Many of the joint shoes launched are high-priced models that are hard to find.

The UNDFTD x Kobe 5 set, which will be launched soon, has made many players obsessed by its unique memorial significance.

The UNDEFEATED x Kobe 5, which is about to debut soon, has attracted too many people. Everyone has their eyes on this pair of shoes, but in fact, UNDEFEATED and Nike have also launched UNDFTD x Nike Air Max 97 , and there are three colors at once.

This time the joint Max 97 launched a total of three colors of white, black, and yellow. The three pairs of Max 97 have added the words UNDEFEATED to the line on the side of the shoe to show its joint identity. The three pairs of shoes give people different feelings, and the white is relatively fresh and energetic. Black is a low-key, very tasteful feeling. The earthy yellow feels more retro and trendy